Adapted to any organization, Nodata offers a complete solution through flexible deployment thanks to its ability to model and manage data on-site or in the cloud.


Revolutionary and innovative architecture

Get cloud agility AND on-premises security‚Äč. No connection to your data, no copy either. Optimize the use of resources and processing in a modern environment with our flexible architecture by distributing its overall available resources: the database, the server, and for the first time, the client.

Iterative and agile native

Nodata has been designed to perfectly fit with agile projects, including versioning management or A/B testing.

Such a way thinking brings flexibility, allowing organizations to fully exploit their technological environment and serenely manage new projects


Job monitoring

Follow jobs behavior and status in live, detect anomalies and impacts in the dependency chain. Nodata monitoring supports all types of schedulers (ControlM, DollarU, Tivoli, etc).

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Data Modelisation & Dictionary

Take part in a modern data management approach. Enrich your model with metadata, bring all the stakeholders to a common view and access to a data model from a web browser.

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Cyber security and Big Data

Be safe, our analytical technologies offer possibilities in terms of data protection and prevention of possible cyber-attacks.