Architecture & Deployment

Finally a modern way to collect and use data.

Save time to build and deploy tailor made dashboards, with high performance and enforced security.


A unique and innovative architecture

Based on a 5 years work, our R&D team bring a new way to think data analtycs, combining flexibilty, security and performance

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Use and reuse datablocks to build your dashboard

  • No IT skills are required to make quick and easy querying with Datablocks
  • Include your computing rules directly from the Datablock builder
  • Build powerful dashboards based on your datablocks

Infinite customization

Push it to the next level

  • Flexible tool for specific business needs
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Design once, deploy infinitely

Connect to all DB & Cross analytics

Bring data from any sources and make cross analytics from different systems!

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Easy embedded in less than 15 minutes

Low code for IT, no code for business!

  • Full web SDK (HTML, JS, etc…)
  • Seamless indicators or dashboards into tier apps
  • Smart integration according with user actions

Live collaboration

  • Share tasks with team members and built dashboards in live
  • Versions management and modifications traceability
  • Designed to be in an iterative project mode
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Users management

  • SSO authenfication supported (SAML V2)
  • Tailor made role management accordingly to your organization!

Very simple to set up

  • The bridge: the link between data and dashboards, fully manageable
  • Standard deployment, quickly operational
  • For more information, take a look at our technical requirements.

Need to go further?

Discover our data management features

Build and manage all your data environment with Nodata

Build and manage
Data modeling

The modern way to manage your data model, from your web browser!

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Bring all the stakeholders to a common view and enrich your model with metadata

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Job monitoring

Follow jobs behaviour and status in live and detect anomalies and impacts in the dependency chain

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