Major features

Unleash the power of your data by deploying simple, clear and accurate business indicators.


Seamless customization

  • Connect to all your data sources and business apps and unleash their power!
  • Each team its own KPI. Get personalized insights and dashboards related to your reals needs, to make real data-driven decisions!
  • No training needed to use it

Embedded data in your website and application

Release the power of your data and get it where it really counts!

  • Through internal tools or public websites, get your data in the right spot. No need to come and go, your insights are already here!
  • It’s live Use filters and queries to get instants results

Enrich data with collaboration

  • Get data-driven conversations, with the right person and at the right moment!
  • Comment directly on the concerned data and see your comment anywhere the data will appear
  • Different levels: note for yourself, tag a colleague or discuss with a group in private
  • Pin your final answer and make it public to share it with every stakeholder

Presentation mode

Standardized and automated presentation feature: share indicators with stakeholders in one-click

  • Verified accuracy of the data
  • Keep history and compare with previous numbers in one look
  • Time saving for the presenter
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Querying in Natural Language

Nodata takes part of the discussion!

  • Use natural language to ask directly the right data that you need, from your usual collaborative tools such as Slack or Teams
  • Thanks to Nodata proprietary AI, no need to explain, just ask! Nodata bot will understand the conversation and keep the context in mind to deliver the right information

Nothing to install

  • Get your dashboards on any device, anytime thanks to Nodata’s web architecture
  • Consult and work your data directly from your browser
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Data Model Data Management

Get your data, and get it fast

  • Thanks to our unique technology, get the best performance from your data!
  • Requests are not all the same. Nodata will use the right way to ask results from your DB, based on what you are asking
  • Smart queries bring you performance, for the best User eXperience possible!