EPM solution

Accelerate performances thanks to automated and secured data collect and share KPIs within the organization.

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Reports & Analysis

Nodata collects and tracks data in real time, allowing quick and accurate financial reports.

Avoid mistakes and manual interventions (Excel) and add extra-financial KPIs thanks to multi-source automation.

Increase profitability with fast and refined analysis. Ensure better decision-making with tailored and updated indicators.

Enhance performance and transparency, while freeing up time for strategies and analyzes.

Consolidate and close

Nodata is changing corporate finance by saving teams time and efficiency, with agile and intuitive consolidation processes.

No more Excel files and email exchanges: data is centralized in a single place. Accelerate your forecasting processes and ensure reliability.

Bring finance and operations together thanks to data unification: saved time and increased performance between services.

Nodata's flexibility optimizes and simplifies financial closings, making financial services more responsive and adaptable. Nodata simplifies accounts reconciliation reducing the risks of delay.

Manage fastclosing periods thanks to data automation and resources maximization.
Nodata supports internal control by identifying deviations and anomalies. Each data is traceable and identifiable in a few clicks, making errors visible. Financial teams can thus react as quickly as possible.



Nodata, thanks to its numerous management rules and its limitation of access rights, ensures data compliance.

Admins define the data perimeter but also the authorizations, which can be restricted according to the needs and level of each (read or write).

Besides, Nodata's history allows the traceability and storage of all changes made to the data. The latter can thus be justified and verified in real time.

Avoid data leakage thanks to Nodata technology "Bridge": data remains stored in the customer network.