Budgeting planning & Forecasting

Create different forecast scenarios to anticipate organizational changes impacts.

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Forecasts and simulations

Create realistic scenarios to build your forecast and simulations.

Benefit from the iterative approach to compute the profitability on future strategies.
Follow the evolution of your scenarios in real time based on live automated data collect.

Nodata ensures the reliability and feasibility of financial forecasts.

Data input

Input data from different stakeholders on common indicator, simultaneously.

With Nodata, do not analyze two forecasts but one and only.

Designated users can validate the right value to the finest granularity level which automates the variables on the higher level.

User centric

Data unification

To manage a company, financial services require a global view of their data. Each data can come from different sources, gathering them is essential to have a complete and coherent view.

Nodata allows the unification of data. Improve the collaboration between all the concerned services to have a global planning, which will optimize the accessibility and the restitution.

All data are connected, whatever their origin, to support the company's performance.

Data reliability

Nodata guarantees the quality and reliability of data thanks to control rules and workflows:

  • As a flexible tool, it is possible to create custom control rules, tailored to the needs of finance teams.
  • Any data modification goes through verification steps, to ensure veracity.

Ensure data compliance without any stress thanks to automatisation.


Real time collaboration

Collaboration between finance and business teams is an integral part of the analytical tool.

To make a business work, communication between stakeholders must be ensured.

With Nodata, comment data or tag a colleague in real time.

Delete any risks of data misunderstanding.

History and traceability

Nodata simplifies budget preparation.

Data traceability and history of changes are a must for financial teams.

Nodata saves time for its users.