A user-centric financial solution

Create value from the heart of the business, the user.

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One number approach

Collect data from multiple business units for an unified and a common view of your financial data.

This overview allows you to monitor impacts in real time and track objectives and results across all departments impacting financial planning.

UX/UI approach

Provide intuitives and tailored interfaces, for a better user experience thanks to the Design Thinking methodology.

Involve users from the beginning of the project an increase adoption and use of the final tool.

Guarantee a total adequacy with the end users' needs.

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Enrich your data from dashboards with comments attached to the data itself. These will be kept over time, thus improving traceability.

Reach several people, to ease and centralize teams' communication.

Tag your colleagues, choose comments that should remain private or visible to all teams involved.

360° data view

Thanks to the multi-axis feature, get access to your dedicated KPIs depending on your role in the organization.

Compare and visualize performances between entities.

Data 360

Pay what you need!

Licenses payment based on the number of users and evolving packages.

Cost per print: for massive dashboard dissemination to a large number of viewers.