Embedded Data Project Lifecycle

We designed NODATA to help you save time and gain comfort in your data project lifecycle management.

You can create one or many projects with their own ecosystem that you may setup once and will be applies anywhere, anytime, during your project lifecycle.


Define the context of your project (environments, applications, storage layers... ) once and for all to make them available everywhere in the process. NODATA generic concepts help you to quickly setup and concentrate all context information at project level.


These concepts are flexible enough to allow you to precisely match your actual working environments and delivery processes requirements as complex as they might be.

Large set

Large set of tools and features

  • Easily handle security and jurisdiction issues through a highly customizable permission manager
  • Version management is no more painful thanks to built-in NODATA versioning system
  • Get fully equipped to master agile project development and overcome organization issues

Built-in version management system based on branch flow and tags

NODATA provides a built-in management system that looks like the well-known source code manager GIT. The mechanism is part of a typical project setup with NODATA so you don't need to proceed any additional configuration to enjoy it. This versioning system relies on branches and tags concepts to allow parallel development, easy version tracking, collaborative and iterative development.

  • Tags
    Save a stable state of progress, track and trace your project versions, simplify release packaging
  • Branches
    Enable parallel development tracks without facing conflicts, avoid modifying a production version, process any kind of testing, improvement or experimentation
  • Merge support
    Manage side tracks integration into a target version (manage modifications collisions and avoid synchronization loss)

Agile project management and collaborative working

NODATA relies on collaborative working by design. Taking agile project management approach as our baseline, we aim to provide all required tools and methods to help your team to achieve actual collaborative project management.

  • Setup your access policy through roles definition for each type of profile. This allows you to precisely define what can be seen or modified by people in the process.
  • Since everyone is using the same platform, every project stakeholder can share a common overall vision with each member (except from sensitive information).
  • Everyone gets recent updates through a common timeline vision to enhance collaborative working.
  • Parallel working is easier thanks to multiple branches use for separate tracks.
  • You can apply access security to your tags and branches and make sure nothing could unwillingly break. Branches may also be shared between several people for group working purposes.
  • Smoothly integrate work iterations from development to production thanks to branches and environments according to your own customized (or not) workflow.
  • Enjoy ease of use for any type of profile thanks to graphical workflow management (no need of code to handle versions, branches merge, ...).
  • Environment boxing helps to manage several versions of the same project.
  • Easily setup quality processes, testing environments, experimentation sandboxes relying on a very flexible branch, version and environment system.

Our Specifications

Keep things simple but manage the tough ones

Your team can be big or small, and your environment can be simple or complex.

NODATA can help you to manage releases, environments and stakeholders with ease.

User friendly tools
Version management
Overall vision